About Us

PennyGranny™ is a pioneering force in Australia’s portable housing industry, dedicated to promoting sustainable and cost-effective living, offering a variety of high-quality buildings, including outdoor offices, for hire and sale across NSW, QLD, VIC, and ACT. Our extensive network of manufacturing facilities, multiple depots across the country and significant wholesale buying power allow for immediate delivery of many of our products.

Led by Michael Doubinski, a visionary with a rich background in pioneering Australian tech businesses, our team is committed to addressing the rental crisis in Australia. We provide portable cabins and offices that are the epitome of quality, affordability, and convenience. Our dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has established us as a trusted name in the portable housing sector.

Our Senior Team

Michael Doubinski


Michael has been a pioneer and founder of Australian tech businesses since late 90s. He was involved in the creation of many iconic Australian companies such as HotelsCombined, Menulog and ProductReview. He holds a bachelor of Computer Science from UNSW, loves animals and nature, his 4 kids, smoking tobacco pipe occasionally and eating keto.

Elena Ridgway

Head of Operations

Previously working for the government as well as for private organisations Elena comes with a solid project management background. Being the backbone of our operations she brings strong ability to juggle multiple challenges simultaneously. Further reinforcing this ability by being a mother of 2 beautiful children, as well as of 2 puppies, Elena is often finds herself in need of an almond latte.

Sofya Yakutina

Customer Support and Logistics Manager

Meet Sofya, our incredible staff member! She is a true champion when it comes to deliveries of our portable buildings, and her expertise in transportation is unmatched. If you have any questions about logistics, just ask her! In her free time, Sofya enjoys playing volleyball, and with her dedication and talent, it wouldn’t be surprising to see her become an Australian star in the sport one day!

Ben Ridgway

Project Manager

With over 20 years of experience in project management and operations, Ben has a genuine passion for helping others and prides himself on providing amazing customer service to our customers. Always with an uplifting attitude he is also a keen sportsman, especially in golf and indoor cricket. Ben loves his cognac, has a loving partner and two labradoodles Holly and Molly.

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What customers say

These prefab cabins are affordable, modern and above the standard than what you pay, I promise that.

Daniel Kurz, NSW

Mum’s granny flat arrived and it is just perfect for her. It’s a great size for her and so modern and lovely. She’s absolutely thrilled!

Wendy Phillips, QLD

Living experience in the portable home has been wonderful! We love it, its homelike and comfortable. 100% satisfied with this solution.

Leonie McGrath, QLD

Photos from our customers

Our Mission

We are committed to solving the rental crisis in Australia. By providing high quality prefabricated homes, available for immediate hire or purchase, we fight the rental crisis one portable cabin at a time!