How Tracy Overcame the Rental Crisis and Found a PennyGranny Home

Back in 2020, Tracy Hawkins moved with her children from Victoria to southern Queensland, to be closer to her family. She had organised a rental ready to move into and all went well until 18 months later she found herself evicted on no grounds.

“The rental crisis had just begun and it was terrifying applying for a lot of rental properties without success and becoming homeless. I ended up moving with the kids to the only option available – cramming into a small cabin with no bathroom, just a single room with air-conditioning.”

Tracy found herself becoming increasingly depressed. “I just wanted my own place. I kept looking for houses to rent and constantly got rejected.”

Then Tracy came across the concept of folding homes – prefab homes the size of a standard container that can be trucked to a site then folded out to form a larger home. With her dad’s agreement that she could put one on his block of land, she made a trip to Brisbane to look at a few. “Yet again, they were only one room with a bathroom. I would have to put my own walls in but I thought this was my only option.”

Then Tracy came across PennyGranny prefab portable homes for hire and her problems were solved. “Suddenly, I had found something with two bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom that could be moved onto dad’s land and at $280.50 per week to hire it was affordable! I felt I could make this a home and contacted them. The whole process was awesome. There were some hiccups with the weather and getting the prefab home onto footings but PennyGranny made the whole process less stressful. Nothing is too much trouble for them. I finally have somewhere to call home that isn’t going to be sold from under me or the lease just not be renewed for no reason. Having an option to buy at some stage is really awesome as well as it gives me something to aim for.

“The rental crisis is truly debilitating and I am so grateful that PennyGranny are helping those that need a place to call home. I have shown friends through my unit and told them that if they know anyone looking to rent a place who has a friend or parents who have land to look into PennyGranny as they will not be sorry.”

If you, or anyone else you know, is caught in the grips of the rental crisis and can’t find accommodation, give PennyGranny a call and see how we might be able to help you. We can bring a home to you, anywhere in Queensland, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory or Victoria!

See a list of our portable homes available for rent here!

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What customers say

These prefab cabins are affordable, modern and above the standard than what you pay, I promise that.

Daniel Kurz, NSW

Mum’s granny flat arrived and it is just perfect for her. It’s a great size for her and so modern and lovely. She’s absolutely thrilled!

Wendy Phillips, QLD

Absolutely the best company for affordable housing. Nothing is too much effort. Couldn't be happier to be part of the pennygranny family.

Tracy Hawkins, QLD

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Our Mission

We are committed to solving the rental crisis in Australia. By providing high quality prefabricated homes, available for immediate hire or purchase, we fight the rental crisis one portable cabin at a time!