How PennyGranny is Helping the Elderly Find an Affordable Housing Solution

As the rental crisis in Eastern Australia bites deeper, with rents rising and competition for the few rental properties available growing more fierce, people are discovering PennyGranny’s transportable cabins and granny flats for hire as an affordable solution. 

One such person is Wendy Phillips of Elanora, on Queensland’s Gold Coast. Her 85-year-old mum, Fay, had been living nearby in a comfortable little unit for almost a decade. Fay rented the unit under the National Rental Assistance Scheme (NRAS), an affordable housing scheme that ended earlier this year. With no further subsidy from the government, the landlord decided to sell and the buyer wanted to live in the unit themselves.

“The hunt was on for somewhere for Mum to live. She has emphysema, so can’t handle stairs, and her eyesight is declining rapidly due to macular degeneration. Rents on the Gold Coast have soared to $500 to $600 a week for a tacky one-bedroom unit and at least 30 people are looking at each place available, so renting on the age pension was simply not an option. The only alternative seemed to be putting her into a nursing home, which she didn’t want and neither did we.” 

Wendy searched high and low for an alternative, finally finding PennyGranny. “After having a few conversations with David at PennyGranny, we decided that hiring a granny flat was the perfect fit for Mum. We have room on our property and it still gives Mum the independence she craves while being close enough that we can care for her.” 

Wendy and Fay chose The Anne, a neat little cabin of 25.5sqm with one bedroom and separate bathroom and kitchenette. With full insulation, reverse-cycle air-conditioning and quality finishes the hire fee is $275 per week – substantially less that renting a one-bedroom unit! With free delivery included the only other expense is a $4000 bond, which is fully refundable on return of the unit to PennyGranny, and connection of services on site. 

“After a wait of two to three months, Mum’s granny flat arrived and it is just perfect for her. It’s a great size for her and so modern and lovely. She’s absolutely thrilled! It’s the perfect solution for the elderly to be close to their family yet still be independent,without the upfront cost of building a permanent granny flat.”

If you can’t find, or can’t afford, a rental property PennyGranny may have a solution. Call us today on 1300 665 750, email or fill in the enquiry form on our Contact Us page. 

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What customers say

These prefab cabins are affordable, modern and above the standard than what you pay, I promise that.

Daniel Kurz, NSW

Mum’s granny flat arrived and it is just perfect for her. It’s a great size for her and so modern and lovely. She’s absolutely thrilled!

Wendy Phillips, QLD

Living experience in the portable home has been wonderful! We love it, its homelike and comfortable. 100% satisfied with this solution.

Leonie McGrath, QLD

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We are committed to solving the rental crisis in Australia. By providing high quality prefabricated homes, available for immediate hire or purchase, we fight the rental crisis one portable cabin at a time!